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Creative wellness

Workshops, events, retreats and projects

If you'd like any more information on the following, would like to collaborate on a future project, or would like a bespoke workshop or event for your organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Social media for therapists

CPD online workshop

"To post or not to post, that is the question..." In this short two-hour training you will be given the opportunity to creatively explore if and how you might make use of social media as a therapist.

As therapists, we have all the tools to engage our clients in the therapy space. We can talk for hours about our passion for therapy, and market ourselves really well to the person sitting next to us. But can we translate that to social media? Do we even want to? In this short training we will creatively explore the whys and hows of social media for therapists.



What is dramatherapy?

Free, in-person workshop, 2nd March

The two hour workshop was both informative and experiential, allowing all who were curious to dip their toes into the theories and techniques of Dramatherapy.

If you're interested in a similar, or different, workshop for your event or workplace, please get in touch.

FLARE* Festival

Community Wellness Event at Summerhall, Edinburgh

I provided two dramatherapy/creative wellness workshops for FLARE* Festival at Summerhall. These workshops used myth and story to allow participants to access their inner gold and inner shadow. With storytelling, art-making, embodiment and discussion, we unlocked our inner worlds through the power of myth

On day one, we explored our inner shadows through the Greek myth of Medusa.

On day two, we explored our inner gold through the Native American story of The Flowering Tree. 

If you're interested in a similar, or different, workshop for your event or workplace, please get in touch.

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Wellness Walks

Monthly nature and wellbeing walks, 2023

Discover the natural, astrological and symbolic lessons to be learnt each month while feeling grounded in nature. On these monthly walks, participants connected  with like-minded people, got away from the daily grind and left feeling refreshed. Though unique monthly themes, I guided participants in using nature to connect with themselves, others and the world around them. They could join in with the meditative quiet or creative activities, or just spend the time in nature.

Stay tuned for plans for 2024.

The Art of Being Human

Creative Wellness Day Festival  at the Leith Arches

Through a live art-making exhibition, creative wellness workshops and interactive elements we explored and celebrated the creative process of art and life. All profits raised went to The Alma Project, a local charity who run arts groups and creative therapies for adults in Edinburgh experiencing mental health challenges. Thanks to the support of everyone who donated to the event, we raised £470.63 for The Alma Project. 

As humans, we're not perfect, finished works of art. We are constantly in process. Living in the mess, changing constantly and experiencing our own beautifully unique journey. This is the art of being human

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Medusa - Shadow to Shield

Women's Circle and Creative Wellness Workshop

When we think of Medusa, we see the monstrous, deadly creature with snakes for hair. The vicious killer who could turn even the strongest of heroes to stone with just a look. But who was the women behind the monster? Listen to her tale then decide for yourself, Medusa - villian or victim? Monstrous or misunderstood?

Together we explored the story of Medusa to tap into our own strength and power, innate qualities that might be lying hidden in the banished parts of ourselves. 

What's my story?

Creative wellness workshop at St George's School for Girls

In June 2023, I was invited to run a creative wellness workshop on the final day of work experience week for soon-to-be high school leavers at St George's School in Edinburgh. The workshop gave the girls a chance, in all the busy-ness and hurry to get to their futures, to stop and reflect on their time at high school. To wonder, what's my story? And how do I want to remember it? This involved creating timelines using writing, drawing, collage and objects. If you're interested in a similar, or different, workshop for your workplace (whether school or otherwise), please get in touch.

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Print-making drop in

Corporate Partnership with Eden Locke, Edinburgh

In May 2023 I partnered with local artist, Karina Pasiut, to provide a unique screen-printing drop in workshop at Eden Locke (George Street). Eden's guests and members of the public could experience print-making and take away their own wearable creation. Participants could choose from two original prints - one inspired by Edinburgh and one by the aparthotel - or one of Karina's classic designs to print onto a tote bag. We all enjoyed the fun and surprising process of print-making, seeing each print come out as unique and individual as the print-maker!

If you work for a business and would like to create an opportunity for creative wellness for your staff or customers, please get in touch.

Spring Retreat

Creative Wellness and Nature Retreat, Lochgoilhead

Within the gorgeous landscape of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, this retreat provided the opportunity to refresh, reflect and renew by re-connecting with the inner child, with creativity and with out innate link to the natural world through a mix of group and individual creative activities, both indoor and in nature, inspired by Dramatherapy and Environmental Art Therapy.

"I have never experienced outdoor therapeutic work before, and was genuinely blown away by the power of it. I was really grateful and inspired by the powerful nature of working outside and along with others in nature. " - Retreat participant

Goddesses of War (3)_edited.jpg

Goddesses of War

Women's Circle and Creative Wellness Workshop

In March 2023, a masculine month named after Mars, God of War, we gathered together as women to explore our innate, feminine, wisdom and courage. By first exploring Athena and Minerva, Goddesses of Wisdom but also fierce warriors, I then led the group to access and explore their personal inner Goddesses through meditation, visualisation, movement, art-making and discussion.

"I really enjoyed the connection to my inner goddess - the session was really empowering and helped me to find lots of inner calm" - Workshop participant

An Evening of Candlelight

Online event of Myth and Meditation

The 2nd of February marks the midpoint between the shortest day of the year and the spring equinox. For some it is Candlemas, the festival of light, a symbol of protection and prosperity. For the Romans and Celts, it was the beginning of spring. In mythology, it marks the return of Persephone from the underworld.

Together, over zoom, we brought in the hope of a new month, and a new season. Through meditation, storytelling and art-making, I guided the group to spend quality time with themselves set intentions for the season to come, by the light of a candle.

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What is Dramatherapy?

Talk at Creative Arts Careers Lunch with St George's School for Girls

In February 2023, I was invited to speak at a Careers Lunch for the Creative Arts at St George's School in Edinburgh. When I was at school I didn't know dramatherapy existed, so it was a privilege to share about the Creative Arts Therapies to the next generation.

I spoke about the pathways to a career in the Creative Arts Therapies, what dramatherapy was, who dramatherapists work with and where they work. If you are interested in arranging a talk, please get in touch.

Valentine's Day Self-Love Cards

Corporate Partnership with Eden Locke, Edinburgh

This year I worked with Eden Locke, apart-hotel in Edinburgh, to provide them with Valentine's Day cards for all their residents and guests. The cards focused on self-love and gratitude. This partnership also involved running a public creative wellness workshop hosted at the hotel.

If you work for a business and would like to promote wellness amongst your staff or customers, please get in touch.



November Retreat

Creative Nature Retreat in the Highlands

In the traditional Celtic calendar, the year doesn't start in January, or even in spring. It starts in November, when nature begins the descent into stillness, letting go of the old in order to make way for, and provide nutrients for, the new. This retreat was aimed at fostering a connection to the self and others through nature, inspired by dramatherapeutic principles.

"The retreat helped me to bring back my inner child and creative self. I realized that all the creative energy and ideas I carried as a child are still within me, I just must spend time to connect with them. It is easy to get lost in the rat-race when working full-time and keeping things together, so having the space and people to connect and be creative with was amazing." - Retreat participant

Move and Meditate

Online meditation series

This project started when I was providing weekly online meditation classes for college students with disabilities from April to May 2021. This resulted in the production of 20 videos of guided meditations and visualisations, available publicly. The project developed to include three live, filmed collaborations with other wellness facilitators involving: a yoga flow and meditation for connection; a workout and meditation for strength; and a workout and meditation for self-love. The final component was being interviewed for a podcast and filming a live follow up interview and meditation.

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