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When we think of Medusa, we see the monstrous, deadly creature with snakes for hair. The vicious killer who could turn even the strongest of heroes to stone with just a look. But who was the women behind the monster? Listen to her tale then decide for yourself, Medusa - villian or victim? Monstrous or misunderstood?


Together we explored the story of Medusa to tap into our own strength and power, innate qualities that might be lying hidden in the banished parts of ourselves. 

This workshop was sponsored by The British Association of Dramatherapists (BADTh). It was made possible, thanks to BADth's Peter Slade fund, to offer this workshop at a discounted rate to women on low incomes.


"I very much enjoyed the Medusa workshop. Abigail created a friendly, safe and intimate space to explore and create in. There was a sense of ceremony which felt containing and giving. I liked the non-judging way our thoughts about the story were received and accepted. It was also fun and the materials provided such as instruments, art materials and props were helpful in the creative process. I feel that, considering we were all strangers to each other, we managed to be fairly vulnerable and open. I achieved some insights and was left with things to ponder."

- Jane, workshop participant


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