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We joined together and created a simple contract for our time, agreeing this would be a safe, free and creative space. I introduced the event, sharing how March was named after Mars, God of War, and the other masculine influences on the month. I then introduced Athena and Minerva, Goddesses of Wisdom but also fierce warriors, and introduced the themes of finding inner wisdom and courage through our inner Goddess.


We then created visual representations of our inner Goddess. This involved 2D and 3D art-making and the use of objects, image cards and archetype cards. During this time we considered our Goddess's origin story, her strengths and weaknesses, her symbols, what injustices made her angry and any special powers she might posses.

Meditation and Visualtion

Starting with candle-gazing, I led a body-scan meditation inviting the light of the candle to ease, warm and melt and tension throughout the body. We allowed this inner flame to shed light on anything we were holding in the gut, heart and mind spaces. I then moved the group to a guided visualisation in which we met our inner Goddesses, who shared their wisdom with us, including an intention to set for the workshop and words of love and guidance. 


Using materials, we then transformed into our inner Goddess. We explored how it felt to embody her in movement, her outlook on the world, on others and on herself. Embodiment allows a deeper, felt sense of the exploration and allows insights to make a lasting imprint. As our Goddesses, we presented our visual representations - sharing with the group.


After starting the workshop in stillness, we warmed up our bodies with intuitive stretching and movement, connecting with the group as a whole through sharing and mirroring. This transformed into a collective dance. When working with emotional material, it is essential to include the body. This helps both access deeper emotion and experience, and helps with self-regulation through the polyvagal nervous system.



After de-roling (a process used in dramatherapy to step away from the explored character and return firmly to ourselves), we shared our experiences of the explorations. The group also shared any insights they would like to take with them from the workshop, and any thoughts or feelings they'd like to leave behind. 


"The group, including Abigail as facilitator felt warm, welcoming, open, and inviting. It was a lovely space to connect creatively and make personal discoveries"
"I particularly enjoyed the meditation and visualisation. Brought comfort and a healing quality to it"
"I really enjoyed the connection to my inner goddess - the session was really empowering and helped me to find lots of inner calm"
"I felt that I was in a safe place to share my thoughts"
"For me it was very accessible and I would love to attend again... thank you for such a special day"
"I enjoyed the mixture of different processes and offerings that all led into each other and informed each other. I enjoyed the time to listen and share as it brought clarity and insight to help formulate my own thoughts. The group were very beautiful people"
"I felt like a goddess! Very comfortable and relaxed"
Copy of New moon in Aries guide (1).png


Each group member received a new moon in Aries creative self-exploration guide, which you can find and download below.

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