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About dramatherapy

Dramatherapy is a creative psychotherapy. In a session we might use talking, story-making, objects, movement, art or music to explore and express your inner world. The general structure of a session will be: 'checking in' with how you are (this might include a meditation, verbal check in or creative check in), a main creative/embodied activity to explore the themes brought up in your check in or wider themes we've been working on together, and time of reflection or 'checking out' - linking what you've explored creatively to your day-to-day life. You may go to dramatherapy to work through a particular issue, experience or relationship. You might just want to get to know yourself better. Whatever brings you to therapy, my aim is to create an open, creative and playful space - whether one-to-one or in a group - where you can feel safe and supported enough to face the difficult stuff.

"Dramatherapy is very inclusive and is able to meet with the needs of most client groups across ages, cultural or social differences, including physical and learning ability. Some Dramatherapists may work within mental health, education, or the charity sector where referrals to Dramatherapy are made within the organisation for existing patients, pupils, and clients. Other Dramatherapists may be freelance and work from home or from a studio as part of their private practice where they can be approached directly" (BADth).


The British Association of Dramatherapists' (BADth) webpage has lots of helpful information on how dramatherapy can help, including the ways it might specifically help with various conditions. I offer private, one-to-one session at A Quiet Room by the Shore in Edinburgh on Fridays. You can also find a dramatherapist on the BADth website, by putting in your location or what you'd like your therapist to specialise in. If you're interested in training to become a dramatherapist, you can also find information on the various training options. I am on the Executive Board of Directors for BADth - you can contact me regarding BADth here.

If you'd like work with me privately, talk more about what dramatherapy is, are interested in integrating dramatherapy into your service or are interested in training, please get in touch.

"It's like therapy on steroids."

- One-to-one dramatherapy client

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