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Creative Nature Retreats

Are you ready to re-awaken your true, full, creative self? This creative nature retreat provides a nourishing and soulful space to re-connect with yourself, with a sense of community and with nature.

Each retreat is uniquely curated, drawing on themes inspired by the specific surroundings and timing of the retreat. Each season, each month, nature has unique and important lessons to teach us. This creative nature retreat will give you the tools to open your mind, body and soul to these lessons. Within a gorgeous natural landscape, you will have the opportunity to refresh, reflect and renew by re-connecting with your inner child, your creativity and your innate link to the natural world. You will be guided through a mix of group and individual creative activities, both indoor and in nature, using principles of Dramatherapy and inspired by Environmental Arts Therapy practices.

A creative nature retreat can help when facing burnout, a creative block or a general feeling of disconnection and leave you feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you. Find out more about past retreats below.

"The retreat helped me to bring back my inner child and creative self. I realized that all the creative energy and ideas I carried as a child are still within me, I just must spend time to connect with them. It is easy to get lost in the rat-race when working full-time and keeping things together, so having the space and people to connect and be creative with was amazing."

November 2022 retreat participant
"We worked with meditation in the morning, to centre ourselves before beginning the day. The retreat then offered the opportunity to work outside, using nature therapeutically in order to connect with ourselves and with nature. There were walks, activities in the forest, and character/story work. These experiences were incredibly powerful and something I will hold in mind for a long time."

Spring 2023 retreat participant

November 2022 retreat

Boat of Garten, the Highlands

"Exploring the natural world was a big part of the experience with lots of time being spent being creative outdoors. We explored themes of stillness and the celtic calendar to inspire personal reflection, particularly thinking about our past selves and how we wish to move forward. I felt that there was no huge pressure to share personal reflections with everyone yet the space felt compassionate enough that personal reflections could be shared and discussed in a non-judgmental way"

"The group activities gave me a sense of unity. I think it’s quite easy to feel loneliness in the modern world, but the group activities were a reminder that we are never truly alone"  


"I was hoping to find some peace and relaxation but what I found went beyond that, as I was not only able to take a break from things, but I was aided in reflecting on my current circumstances. In a way, the retreat kickstarted some really positive changes for me"

"I really enjoyed meeting everyone and believe that I have made some really genuine connections with new people. I also felt a new sense of self-understanding that was brought about by the reflection time during the retreat. I was surprised at how sociable and fun the experience was"




Spring 2023 retreat

Lochgoilhead, Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

"I found the process to be really powerful and moving. It really helped me to cement my sense of self, and inner confidence."

"I thought it was a fantastic mix of creative offerings, reflective time and time to do your own thing. It was such a beautiful location that I appreciated the time to just soak it up and ‘be’ and also participate in the creative exercises."


"I have never experienced outdoor therapeutic work before, and was genuinely blown away by the power of it. I was really grateful and inspired by the powerful nature of working outside and along with others in nature. The experience has definitely inspired me to get outside more and be among nature."

"I left the retreat feeling a real sense of calm and inner peace, something I hadn’t felt properly in a long time, it really helped me to slow down and appreciate what’s around me, rather than being caught up in the bustle of life."

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