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Your Inner Wardrobe: Express your true self though fashion

Did you know that on average a person makes 35,000 decisions a day?


Deciding what to wear is one of the most important decisions you make during the day to help you express yourself and your personal identity.


Through clothes, we can non-verbally communicate a part of our personality. But research shows that it also influences our attitudes and the way we interact with others. Clothes are often also a reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions. Fashion and personal style give us the opportunity to express ourselves authentically.


Whether we realize it or not, our fashion choices are influenced by psychological factors, cultural norms, individual preferences and social expectations. By understanding these factors, alongside a deeper understanding of our true selves, we can gain a greater appreciation for the role of fashion in our lives and use it to our advantage for personal expression and personal growth.


This workshop will help you to learn how to express yourself through fashion and how to overcome the fear of judgment but mostly how to free your creative side and use it to improve your mental well-being too.


This workshop is brought to you by Yellow Souls in collaboration with Abigail Nelson.

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