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An Evening of Candlelight 
Thursday 2nd February, 8pm - 9.30pm

February. The return of Persephone from the underworld. We gathered for an evening by candlelight to bring in the hope of the new season with meditation, myth and creative exercises.

Phil, An Evening of Candlelight participant

“I enjoyed the meditation, Abi's storytelling, the friendly inclusive atmosphere, the fun exercises, the excellent music and a delightful, relaxing evening"
Candle in Hands

Opening meditation

Candle gazing (Trataka) and meditation in five steps

1. Start by gently gazing at the flame of your candle. Follow its movement. Notice it's colours. Smell it's scent. Feel it's warmth. Take some deep, slow breaths.

When you feel ready, gently close your eyes, carrying the image of the flame into your mind's eye.

2. In your imagination, let the light of the flame move to the tips of your toes then slowly move it up your body. Let it warm each and every muscle and melt any stress away. Take your time. Pause in your gut, heart and mind to let the flame light up any emotions, memories  or parts of yourself that are calling your attention. Let these images drift away as you move on.

3. Once the light has reached the top of your head, let it settle in the backs of your eyes.

4. Place the palms over your closed eyes (this is called 'palming'), and take three deep breaths.

5. Open your eyes behind your palms, then (only when your ready) slowly lift your palms away to see the flame of the candle once again.

Writing with Pen

Warm up

Word association

Spread these three words across a sheet of paper:




Around the words, write anything you associate with them. You could also draw images.

Telling the myth

Demeter and Persephone

This is a rich myth which you could work on for many weeks! With only an hour and a half, I simply told the myth, which we followed up with the creative activity below. I've put an additional activity within the text of the myth which you can access below.

Image from Painting Dreams.


Creative activity

Three trees

1. Draw three trees in three different seasons.

2. Under your drawings, write a first person statement (starting with 'I...') describing each tree's experience.

Your statements might come purely from the images, or your thoughts about the myth, or your words from the warm up exercise.

Candle in Hands


Statement of hope

We are about to embark on a new season. Spring is a time of new beginnings. Of hope.

Write a statement of what you hope for yourself for the season ahead.


You might start the statement with, 'I hope...'.

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