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Are you looking for...

  • a therapy that is creative, where we don't have to sit still or be serious all the time?

  • a therapy that doesn't rely on having the "right" words to describe your feelings or experiences?

  • a therapy where you can express yourself in your own unique, authentic way?

  • a therapy that is collaborative, where someone is alongside you as you journey through the ups and downs of life?

  • a therapy that gives you creative tools to explore, express and understand your feelings and experiences in new ways?

Then you're in the right place! My name is Abigail Nelson and I'm a dramatherapist based in Edinburgh. I provide one-to-one, in person therapy for adults and teenagers at A Quiet Room by the Shore and online.


Current availability:

In-person: limited availability on Fridays

Online: get in touch to discuss availability


I also run creative wellness retreats, workshops, events and projects. ​I am passionate about creating spaces for people to foster deep connection and transformative healing. In my work I draw on story and myth, meditation, symbol and metaphor, art-making and embodiment.

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"For a long time I've really struggled to engage with something and for the first time (even not feeling great), I didn't miss a single session. I knew I'd find friendly faces there, beautiful smiles and the support I just needed to cheer me up and feel better! The dramatherapy group has everything you need: relaxing, laughing, sharing, feeling safe and creating in a very comfy environment"

- dramatherapy group member


Dramatherapy is a creative psychotherapy. In a session we might use talking, story-making, objects, movement, art or music to explore and express your inner world and experiences. You may go to dramatherapy to work through a particular issue, experience or relationship. You might just want to get to know yourself better. Whatever brings you to therapy, my aim is to create an open, creative and playful space - whether one-to-one or in a group - where you can feel safe and supported enough to face the difficult stuff.

"I was always made to feel really comfortable during the retreat. Abigail has a very calming presence that makes you feel heard and understood"

- November 2022 retreat participant

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